Irfa'a Community

How you can participate

Forge strong bonds of love that will heal, comfort and strengthen. A flock can take a bird further than it can fly alone.

Join us by;

1. Live a peaceful purposeful life. Attend live classes and circles of remembrance (dhikr majlis) in person and sit with fellow seekers in an atmosphere of peace and purposeful living. Learn spiritual practices of mindfulness, presence, connection with the One Divine, and harmonizing with the natural world. Make your life one of lived connection. Witnessing your transformation into living a life of peaceful purpose is what gives us the greatest joy and why Irfa'a exists!

2. Learn. Come and sit with us to learn the traditional spiritual practices rooted in the Islamic tradition of remembrance. Connect with the Divine word and Divine breath as you delve deep into the knowledge of who you are, what creation is, and how it works, so you can live a harmonious, upright, sound and healthy life - mind, body, heart and soul. You can take special courses or join our classes in person or by livestream. 

3. Volunteer. There are numerous ways to help - in person or online. We rely on our volunteers who are an invaluable resource. Please write to or meet us in person. We would love to hear from you.

4. Join. Sign up to our mailing list so you can be aware of special events such as community recitals, shared meals and social service programming. 

5. Donate. Consider gifting your financial help. This will help us rent the space and keep it open as a safe space for our community, pay for website costs, livestream and other expenses. Dr. Farah Zahir does not accept personal contributions but Irfa'a Foundation running costs do need financial support. You can give as you are able and/or become a monthly sponsor. 

6. Blog. Read from the Blog page and write for us! Please send your pieces to for consideration. You will also have access to post if you join as a member.

7. Share. share the word and pray for us! 

Cooking a special rice for an annual community gathering; to feed children who will spend the night chanting at a historic spiritual site by the ocean. The rice has been cooked this way, in a massive pot, over an open fire, for decades, if not centuries.  When the rice is close to being done, a banana leaf is placed on top for the flavour of the leaf to seep through. 

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