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to Empower and Educate, Heal and Elevate

To be raised to the highest

Irfa'a (Arfa'a) means to raise, to ascend, loftier, more refined, subtler, more exalted. We seek to attain our highest potential by fulfilling our Divine calling. We ask to be 'raised up' as many have been. We raise the mention of our Lord to be raised to the full potential of a human being, that foremost of creation.

Irfa'a Wings

Ongoing activities, Programs and Knowledge sharing

We raise you up in degrees

Fortnightly khatm al-Quran

Cover to cover recitation of the Holy Quran 

We completely recite the Quran in Arabic as a community, and gather together fortnightly to make a special prayer once it is complete. As an Irfa'a special response to the Covid-19 pandemic we will make special prayers for global protection and healing during these times. 

The gathering for the special prayer - 'khatmaat' - will be livestreamed on our livestream page

Remembrance circles - Majalis al Dhikr

Every  Thursday (Night of Friday)

Join our weekly remembrance circles where we raise engage in traditional centuries old Islamic 'dhikr' (remembrance) of Divine names and spiritual litanies in order to defeat our egos, and recall the truth we once knew - what it was like when we lived in our home before earth. 

This age-old prophetic practice is the foundation of elevating human consciousness. It heals the heart and elevates the spirit.

Dhikr is podcasted live on Spreaker and on our Facebook page

Join our free knowledge classes on Spirituality, Traditional islamic knowledge, Arabic, and Quranic studies. Classes are livestreamed and available for viewing at your convenience. Contact us for one-on-one studies. 

We believe sacred knowledge must be freely available so we do not charge. If you wish, you may contribute to the expenses required to livestream etc. 

Complete series are also available free on our Special Modules page. 

They cover a range of topics on how to elevate the soul

Books on Spirituality


"a flaming firebrand: torch for warth and light for guidance"

The first four volumes of Qabas are now available for purchase. The books contain spiritual poetry which are a means to access deeper truths of human existence. 

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and sign up to our newsletter for information on book readings. 

Excerpts and purchase links available on our Ras-al-Haq page


Access the over 100 blogs on our blog page that cover a range of current topics on living a spiritual life, and explain the Islamic spiritual tradition.

A special message for the Covid019 pandemic by Dr. Farah Zahir, Founder of Irfa'a, is here. 

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