Al-Tariq – the night visitor

Assalamu alaikum, peace be with you!

This was written a few days ago and I think inspired by the wonder that is looking at the stars. It is always beguiling to me, amazing, stupendous, incredible…that the light that touches my retina from each star left that star millions of light years ago. I often wonder how those self same stars I am casting my sight upon are at the moment I am looking at them. One chapter or sura of the Quran is called al-Taariq’. ‘taariq’ is translated as ‘the night visitor’. There are various interpretations on what that really means, but one I really love is that it is the light from the stars. More commonly it is considered to mean ‘the evening star’ or ‘venus’. However, it is a beautiful word (a popular name for Boys too in the Muslim world) and has several layers of meaning. What is it about the light of stars that draws us closer to home? Coming from the extraterrestrial, it seems to pierce through our bodies and journey deep to where our soul lies inside, to remind us…perhaps of where we are heading to…

Al- Tariq   My home calls me In whispered breath that escapes When a blade of grass is bent By some unknowing child’s caressing hand Eager to pick a dandelion flower And blow those petals away On the arms of a waiting wind My home calls me In tears that lace my lower eyelid Not strong enough to flow and wet A cheek bathed in soft moonlight As I stare at distant planets Visible as drops of piercing light Retina welcomes this transcendent visitor My home calls me In that knowing gleam in the eye Of the lone stork that came to sit On the very tip of the weeping willow By the shores of a small hidden pond In a park by the ocean where I went to walk to soothe my aching heart My home calls me And O my Lord, you are my only witness How gloriously rich to have My home’s master be my constant Guide and closest Confidant It eases this parting and I am joyful Knowing I would not be here except You willed it so Ah, but my home calls me And its call cannot be drowned out but By the mirthful chatter of tedious yet necessary fleeting pleasure. So happy then are days Balanced between summer joys and winter suns Happy to live and living not forget That happier home to which I am every day Drawing closer.


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