‘God is beautiful and He loves beauty’

The above is one of my absolutest favouritest ahadith!!! They say you can find heaven on earth or you can find hell on earth. It is true, and it’s all about the attitude you face life with isn’t it? It sometimes feels like the angels smile with you as you surround yourself with what is beautiful and pure. As you ‘find seventy excuses before accusing a believer’, as you ‘speak the good or be silent’, as you stay in dhikr (remembrance of God) and everywhere you see His beautiful blessed ‘face. Oh how gloriously beautiful our Lord must be, He who created such beauty on earth. It is spring in Vancouver and impossible to feel ‘sad-ly’..there is such a quiet energy in the air, suppressed joy, exhubarence at the incredible swift growth that is soon to take place. Ah, one’s soul in sync with the universe, is in complete peace, completely trusting God. Pray that is always so.

Here is sharing some of that beauty, random photos from around my neighborhood taken some time ago. This earth is an amazing creation indeed. Imagine then, heaven!

Peace to all.

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