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Peace to all. I wanted to share this very old poem, written over a decade ago when fresh out of high school I spent a vacation with my Uncle, a physician in a rural hospital. I was there to observe/help/vacation and basically figure out if I wanted to go in to Med School or not. Here was one outcome of that time… while the feeling of guilt and helplessness at not being able to do more for Japan exists, perhaps reading this will help inshaAllah. Allah help us all. Help us to know how to help each other and to put that knowledge in to practice.

Inspiration I sought

Inspiration I sought in a hospital ward They called me in to watch the stitching held away the flapping skin to show me the skull I marveled And a tear squeezed from the patient eye Did it hurt you when they lifted for me to see?

You got beaten by your husband so here’s a wound For me to practice on just a routine job We get many a day they say laughingly Villagers and toddy are quite inseparable!

I wanted to be of service that’s all that led me here And my ego fulfilled being a doctor?

Would you have preferred a policeman’s batten or a lawyer’s brief rendered free. Though many a gift somehow you’ll bake and bring me, once the wounds are old And maybe more woulds to sew.

I see it now. Your hand is empty May I hold it?


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