Like Pharoah

This poem was a result of many musings stimulated by dear friend’s facebook status posts as the crisis in Egypt unfolded. While that in itself is something to blog about (and inshaAllah reflections on it to come soon) here is in verse form a few of those thoughts; on power and absolute corruption of it, and on arrogance and how it blinds one’s reason. Dedicated to those beautiful people who have lost their lives being good citizens… God protect them, forgive them, and grant an eternal peace, and God help us be better and help those who need our help. *** Like Pharoah

Like Pharoah who knew the truth But could not accept Could not bow. Shed arrogance for humility Shed ego to say ‘forgive me’

That his people hated him Oppressed their lifetime ‘enough’ they cried ‘justice’ they cried Freedom. Now.

Like Pharoah Sign upon sign you ignored, and puny waves of retaliation you unleashed Shock and awe you thought would muffle a nation.

Like Pharoah You were wrong.

Truth stands clear from error. we all know who read the signs in the times Your people hate you and you will go.

There is no prophet to lead them And there is no need. Prophet upon prophet has come and gone left history in people’s memory established lessons in people’s conscience.

Stand up for what you believe in Stand up. Now.

The world recognizes Not only your bravery ‘O people of Egypt Not only your truth,

But the hypocrisy of those who cloak their tacit approval in intricate phrasealogy careful meandering words, that mean nothing.

Speak the truth. Be clear. Learn a lesson

From those dying on the streets In honesty.

We can bear no more ‘enough’ they cried ‘justice’ they cried Freedom. Now.

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