Assalamu alaikum, peace be with you! It has been a long long while since I last wrote. I have been on a journey, not just external but also internal as many life events took their toll. But this joy that we are all born with, the light within, never abated…only I could not see it sometimes, blinded by tears. Aren’t we all at some point in our lives and is not the benefit of the tear to wash the dirt from the soul? to clean the eye so it can see again, what is important and essential.

Here is a poem I wanted to share, I found it writen some time ago, during Ramadan I believe.

Taught to trust through hours when my feet swell and my body sways gently to the rhythm of the recitation rising and falling as my breaths joined to the rhythm of the universe this reverberation Ramadan night resonation With the soul for a moment, split second divine worry leaves and the heart is re-born The soul’s polish reaches that first sparkle when polishing cloth leaves its surface and before dust can settle split second glimpse of the Divine Light upon Light so heavy, yet so ethereally weightless so substantial, everywhere yet nowhere It explodes, this light in a quiet spreading beyond physics…beyond the created It is just there. And polished mirror soul I reflected it. Till it was everywhere. And I was nothing, in a sea of light There I found trust, implicit absolute immaculate trust My Lord will look after me.


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