Wonders of the Heart – Part 1

A must share! And much needed boost after the inevitable post-ramadan slump we all experience it seems :). As one of my teachers says – you must have your ‘regular diet of ‘ilm (=sacred knowledge)’. The heart almost craves this and feels starved otherwise. No wonder then, we were so energized during Ramadan – a time when the heart is well fed. A time when our physical bodily needs fade into the background and we can hear the hunger pangs of the heart, and then set about feeding it for that one special month. My dear brothers and sisters – lets’ not let our hearts starve now that Ramadan is over. For the Quranic ayat is true and has been testified unto by seekers for centuries past…”Without doubt, in the remembrance of Allaah (=God), do hearts find peace.” – Quran 13:28

The Firmament of Wisdom

 ‘Self-knowledge is the foundation of the way of the wayfarers’

writes Imam Al-Ghazzali (1058-1111) in his Ihya ‘Ulum ad-Dïn [Revivification of Religious Sciences]. Commenting on this sentence, the 17th century Muslim scholar and theologian, Faidh Al-Kashani, wrote a short treatise titled Maqâmât al-Qalb [Stations of the Heart]. The following text is a translation of Faidh’s introduction to the Stations of the Heart.

 اَلقَلبُ هُوَ العٰالمُ باللّهِ ۞ وَهُوَ العامِلُ للّه ۞ وَالسّٰاعي إلٰی اللّهِ ۞ وَهُوَ المُتِقرّبُ إلَيهِ ۞ وَهُوَ الکٰاشفُ لِمٰا عِندَ اللهِ ۞ وَإنّمٰا الجَوٰارِحُ أَتبٰاعٌ لِلْقَلبِ ۞ والْبَدَنُ آلَةٌ يَسْتَخْدَمُهُ القَلبُ۞ وَيَستَعْمِلُها اسْتِعمٰالَ المٰالکِ لِلْعَبيد ۞ وَاسْتِخدٰام الرٰاعي للرعية ۞ وَالصٰانعُ للآلة

It is the heart that knows God; and performs actions for God; it is the heart that moves towards God; and seeks nearness to God; it is the heart that discovers the divine mysteries. The bodily organs are all subservient to the Heart; the body itself is…

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