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Feed your soul no matter where your body is. May these words cause you to ascend.

Below are works that are to be collected in to books available in our shop for purchase inshaAllah.


Works from Al Qabas (Firebrand) volume II

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All of life

                       is but an intimate          conversation


                         Master and slave

(mawla wa mawla)

- Ifra'aha


For the seekers:

                 When you are tired my love, you

                 mustn’t let your mind wander to a place of idle chatter (fueled by exhaustion),

                 rather you must let you mind rest in a place of stillness.

                 Stillness is not only for when you are receiving knowledge.

                 It does not always have to carry the weight of anticipation.

                 Stillness should be your resting place of quiet confidence.

                 Like a gentle lake basking in the reflection of God’s beauty.

- Ifra'aha

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We don’t have any products to show right now.